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"‘No Tomorrow’ is just a dream... it cuts through on first listening...


- John ‘Deeksie’ Deeks 
Radio & TV Presenter, Australia

"With ‘No Tomorrow’ Nicole Nighthawk delivers her debut solo single, an epic, deeply personal tale of love, passion and reflection. It’s a vast production without ever being overblown. The synth/strings backing tracks are blended perfectly into the mix resulting in an ethereal, otherworldly vibe as opposed to the heavy-handed pomp we hear on so many other massive over-produced ballads. It’s the sound of a thoughtful songwriter maturing, one who understands the dynamics of a tune and the intricacies of modern day composition in general.

An impressive debut from a
multi-talented artist."

-  Greg Phillips, Australian Musician Magazine 

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Debut Album 'Heart On My Sleeve' Coming 2024